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Anti-abortion groups step up attack on Planned Parenthood with Madison billboard

Pro-Life Wisconsin has teamed up with a national anti-abortion campaign to put up a billboard near a Madison Planned Parenthood clinic today. "CHOICE KILLS THOSE WITHOUT ONE," the sign says in giant letters. A photo of an African American baby is in the center of the letter "O," a slash across it. The billboard has been placed near the Planned Parenthood clinic on South Park Street. It is the latest salvo in what has been a stepped-up campaign not just against abortions but against sex education and family planning and birth control programs across the state. It is also an example of the anti-abortion movement's efforts to revive old and widely debunked charges that Planned Parenthood has links to the eugenics movement. “Abortion is not a true choice for the unborn, for women or for men. Abortion providers prey on those who feel they have no choice, and this campaign highlights this daily reality,” says communications director Virginia Zignego in a press release. P…

Frugal Tips to Help You Afford Your Inner Diva

. Managing Your Foot & Ankle Pain and Deformities ... Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates ... Dr. Daniel Shanahan & Dr. Aimee Boyette-Popofski discuss the multitude of problems that can affect women's feet including bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, and injuries. Details regarding conservative care and surgical care will be covered. Additionally, they will elucidate topics on your children's feet, diabetic foot issues, sports medicine, proper shoe gear, and the many myths that surround foot and ankle pathology. Lastly, they will provide valuable information on how to save your health care dollars!

Our hair is our crowning glory, and we treat it as such -- we shell out on average $252 a year on haircuts, according to the Professional Beauty Association. But you can slash that bill by a third by selecting a long hairstyle that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

"As a general rule, shorter cuts need to be maintained more often to keep their shape, and with a 'bo…