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How to keep skin moisturised throughout

How to keep skin moisturised throughout
This morning I noticed that my skin is a little dry. Well, though the weather is way too humid around this time of the year, winter is something that we cannot say is round the corner. 
Moisturisation, of the body is something we actually leave for the time of the year called winter. And yes we do not bother looking at our skin all year round. But for working girls, like me, who has to stay in the ac all day round, it is necessary to have something that nourishes our skin, in order for it to not look dry, dull and boring. For the basics, we need to understand, that it is not only the winter that is drying out our skin. Lack of sweat and moisture in the atmosphere, leads to what we call dry skin. This can occur at almost any point of time of the year. IT can be summer or the monsoons when your skin starts looking dry and dull and boring. Proper moisture must be provided to skin, regardless of the time of the year.  It should be balanced enough to en…

Preventing hair loss, the easiest way.

Preventing hair loss, the easiest way. Hair loss has been one common problem to almost every other person, in today’s date. Regardless of whatever has been the reason to your hairloss, do not worry. 
A receding hairline can be a major source of trouble, but did you know, that stressing on the receding hairline is just another way of getting the hairline to recede further? No you didn’t. Yes, stress is one of the few factors behind hair loss. Well this and  a few others. Together I bring to you today one of the biggest remedies to hair loss.

1.Massage—Massaging your hair is one of the strongest ways of preventing hair fall. Massaging increases the blood flow in the vessels, conditioning your scalp and further strengthening the roots of your hair. The warm skin that is a direct result of massaging is another way of getting better nutrient intake in the skin. Massaging your scalp also lets you relax, thus letting you de-stress. Massage your hairs, twice or thrice a week and let the wonders …

Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Skin

Radiant and glowing skin has every woman’s dream since eternity. The market is flooded with products that have been claiming to be the best one for your skin’s benefit. And we all know of the huge range of chemicals and synthetics that build the foundation to these products. Additionally most of the said ingredients of the products are available at our disposal on the kitchen shelf itself. So girls, why bring out the pain of the chemicals on the skin, along with pay for it, when instead you can just go on to make them yourself. 

Well here’s how:-
1.Water—Water must be consumed in great quantities. A minimum of 8 glasses is a must everyday. In case you are not comfortable with water try juices. But yeah to look good you have to drink up.
2.Proper sleep— Your skin is the mirror to your sleeping habits. Whatever be your sleep regimen, it has a direct effect to your skin tone. Restoration, repair and rebalancing is undergone on your skin while you are in your deep slumber. A balanced slu…

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Organic Food Contain More Antioxident

Organic Food Contain More Antioxident

Their was a detailed study have been done by New Kaisel Uiversity about organic and inorganic food.It results that organic food is a good source of anti oxident.According to the Mr.Karlo Liefert organic food contain 20 to 70% more anti oxident. The reason behind it is these food item are cultivated in organic fertiliser so that they are free from the effect of chemical fertilizers.That is why we should eat only organic fruits and vegetables.      

What Are Anti Oxident 

They are Nutrient Enzymes which protects body from different discesses and play an important role in process of oxidation.It is belived that they prevent the rate of Cancer,Heart Related Problumbs,Strock,Elziemer etc.They are protective guards of our body.        

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor

Organic Food Company in India
Organic Food Stores in India,

Organic Food Sto…

Home Remedies for Acne Treatment

Beauty beholds in our skin.when our skin speaks for us,the world is just left to admire. Dont we love it when our lovely skin is praised by one and all! oh yes, we do.  and the hunger for this praise just never dies.  then again girls radiant skin in not child'splay. and to add to the woes, is the sun, dust dirt and pollution.  They hamper and damage our skin in more than one ways. Resultant factor acne and blemishes.
It just takes a few acne to tranform radiant to hideous.Acnes are usually the result of dead cells and oil that keep getting stuck in your pores. regular cleanup along with proper skin moisturisation is essential to get rid of all acne problems that you face. Herein I give you an insight to acne treatment at home for radiant skin:-
1. mix unboiled milk and nutmeg to form a pste. Apply the paste on your skin covered with acne. leave it on for two hours. Wash off with normal water. This pack can be used regularly.
2. take some mint leaves and extract the juice. Leave it overni…