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Creator of the Skin Wisdom range

Bharti Vyas 

Bhart Vyasi's philosophy has always been 'beauty on the outside begins on the inside'
Bharti Vyas is one of the most respected authorities on holistic health, beauty and wellbeing in the UK.
With more than 25 years’ experience, Bharti’s philosophy has always been ‘beauty on the outside begins on the inside’.
The Skin Wisdom range is stocked exclusively at Tesco stores nationwide and has won several awards since its launch ten years ago.
Bharti’s top tips
The first rule for a glowing skin is hydration — drink plenty of water so it flushes your system and helps your body to hold on to the moisture.
The best way would be to drink water before going to sleep and keep some by the bed for sipping throughout the night.
Use a cleansing mask twice a week to give your skin the extra help needed to loosen dead cells not cleared by normal cleansing. It will also help to draw out impurities and absorb excess oils, leaving your skin feeling fresh and deeply cleansed.
Sarah Chapman creator of the Skinesis range

Sarah Chapman is one of London¿s most sought-after facialists
Beauty and skincare expert Sarah Chapman is one of London’s most sought-after facialists.
Launched in 2008, the Skinesis range combines natural ingredients with breakthrough science and delivers impressive results. All of the Skinesis products contain Vitamin A.
Sarah’s top tips
Introduce high levels of vitamin A into your skincare routine, as this wonder ingredient is anti-ageing.
Long-term use can really delay ageing and also repair cellular damage.
Don’t over-exfoliate with harsh scrubs as this weakens the skin and makes it more photosensitive.
Always apply serums and creams around the back of the neck, on the ears and on to the earlobes. These are areas that jowls originate from.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos creator of LP  Skin Therapy

Linda Papadopoulos believes the skin shows signs of stress
This sweet-scented skincare range works on the principle that a healthy mind means a healthy body, and aims to tackle skin deterioration and ageing from the inside and the outside.
Linda believes the skin shows signs of stress, as when we are tense the body produces the hormone cortisol, which can increase the metabolism and result in skin break-outs and premature ageing, along with other problems.
Linda’s best tips
Listen to your skin. Its condition and your psyche are closely linked, so your skin will be telling you something if you have acne or dark circles, whether it’s due to your diet or lack of sleep.
Follow a simple yet thorough skincare routine, making sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise. Look in the mirror. How we feel about our appearance affects how we look.
By leaving the house feeling good about ourselves, we will look happy and positive all day.
Ensure you pick out something you like in your appearance before you leave the house — whether it’s nice eyes or cute freckles —  and say it out loud into the mirror.

Skin savers: From left, Skin Wisdom Ultimate Lift, Skinesis age-repair serum and LP Skin Therapy uplifting facial water
Judith Williams creator of Judith Williams Collections

Judith Williams says: 'Don't be afraid to 'power up' your skincare'
American-born Judith has an impressive CV in her adopted country of Austria — she was an opera singer, actress and TV presenter before she trained as a cosmetician.
Judith’s best tips
Don’t be afraid to ‘power up’ your skincare — mix products  that suit you and use them wherever you feel appropriate, for example using a serum under a moisturiser or a body oil combined with a moisturiser.
Don’t rush your routine — apply long strokes and gentle massage techniques to really work the products in. It’s crucial to pay attention to skincare basics.
Cleansing is so important — it’s vital to remove dead skin cells and make-up before applying moisturisers and serums, otherwise they won’t work deep into the skin.
Dr Raffaella Gregoris creator of Bakel

Raffaella Gregoris never uses petrochemicals in her products
Respected Italian chemist Dr Gregoris created Bakel’s seven-piece range, priced from £35 to £90, after realising how many unnecessary ingredients some products contain.
This range uses only quality ingredients, which minimises sensitivity and allergy.
Raffaella’s best tips
Look at the labels. I never use petrochemicals in products, as they’re of no benefit to the skin, and I use airless packaging in place of preservatives, as they are often the main cause of skin allergies.
Avoid silicones in skincare as they simply ‘bulk-up’ creams. Silicones produce a wonderful texture, but they do nothing for the skin.
Choose products with as few ingredients as possible.
The fewer ingredients the better, as products penetrate the skin more easily.

Radiant skin: From left, Bakel Pure Act Oil, Antonia Burrell Radiant Light Serum and Absolution La Creme du Jour

Antonia Burrell creator of the Antonia Burrell range

Antonia Burrell uses fruit and floral plant extracts to uplift the senses
Facialist Antonia believes that healthy-looking skin can be achieved with a calm mind.
She uses fruit and floral plant extracts to uplift the senses, and nourish and enrich the skin.
She uses high quality ingredients from all over the world in her range to create natural, chemical-free formulations.
Antonia’s best tip
Natural products and facial massage are the key. Try a simple cleansing routine to help reduce lines, lift cheeks and leave skin looking radiant.
Using your ring and middle fingers, start at the centre of the chin and massage outwards on to the cheeks using small, circular movements.
Massage around the eyes, focusing on the socket. Do this 12 times.
Massage the forehead using middle fingers with small circular movements and use light, tapping movements all over the face with your middle finger and ring finger.
Spend a minute on each step, then remove cleanser with a wash cloth or muslin.
Isabel Carron creator of Absolution

Isabel Carron created the first unisex bespoke skincare range
As the first unisex bespoke skincare range, this French brand allows you to create your own versions of the products, best suited to your skin type.
You simply add a drop of one of the Solution+ serums to Absolution day or night cream and you can tailor skincare to your skin’s condition at that particular time.
Isabel believes skin’s needs change on a daily basis, being affected by the likes of weather, diet and lifestyle, so it’s important to vary your routine depending on what your skin is telling you it needs.
Isabel’s best tips
Lack of sleep, stress, too much alcohol and changing weather can affect the skin. But skincare can be adjusted to remedy any issues. Simple measures, such as staying away from your usual rich cream when your skin is oily, can make a huge difference. Use a brightening product when you haven’t slept well or a hydrating product when your diet hasn’t been healthy.
Cleansing your face is important, but if your skin feels tight when it dries immediately after cleansing then your cleanser is too harsh and is removing your skin’s protective oils. Make sure you use a product that is gentle.
Also remember that your neck ages quicker than your face but is often an area that is ignored. Whatever products you use on your face, always take them down to your neck and decolletage.

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