Few Great Tips To Keep Your Skin Alive While Having Fun On European Roads

Few Great Tips To Keep Your Skin Alive While Having Fun On European Roads For every Asian and other people as well from across the world, travelling to Europe is no less than a dream. Well, Europe, being an extremely beautiful continent rightly deserves to be called as a dream destination. But nothing in this world is as lovable to you as your skin, right? So, it becomes damn important for all the travelers to think about their most valued body part, their skin, while travelling and wandering on the European streets, otherwise returning back to your land with your skin devastated is what you are going to experience and the feeling itself will cause you a great ache. So, let’s get some tips to come back with your skin as pretty as it is. Here it goes!

Follow the old clean-up rule! You might be excited about your arrival in the continent but why make your skin suffer due to this. The weather has changed completely and the skin requires more attention. Do not skip the cleaning steps befor…

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While most Beauty fans will follow a religious Cleansing and Moisturising routine, for many that's where it ends. Serums and Face masks might get the odd look in, but Facials are usually firmly in the treat category.

According to holistic Skincare expert Antonia Burrell, this could be a big mistake. She has been in the industry for over two decades and is a practitioner as well as a lecturer at the London College of Fashion. Antonia is a natural Beauty pioneer who recommends Women should have a Facial a week if possible. Obviously that's not within budget for many, with Antonia suggesting a way around that is to go and visit a Facial expert rather than relying on department stores. While the people at big shops will have training, they will also be pushed into selling as much product as possible. Facial experts, on the other hand, will be able to get to the root of your problem and suggest a Skincare regime which is affordable and fits into your daily routine.

Antonia's rang…

Best Top Hand Healers for Every SkinCare Problem

The Winter weather not only forces us to bundle up to handle what the outdoors throw at us, but it also takes a toll on our Skin.

Dermatologists say the Skin has a lack of moisture in the cold temperatures that leads to dry, red and irritated Skin. Some simple solutions to prevent dry Skin are using lukewarm water when you shower and choosing bar soap over body wash.

You can also hold some of the moisture in your Skin by using creams and lotions. 

"If these creams and products don't seem to be helping, you may actually have hand eczema, foot eczema or Atopic dermatitis, a condition which you might need professional help.

Primary Care doctor or a dermatologist can prescribe medication to handle those more serious Skin issues. 

When your hands start to resemble real-life alligator Skin (especially in winter!), it’s time to give them some TLC. Slather on the super-hydrating Skinfix Hand Repair 
emollient formula is loaded with calming oats and shea butter to soothe eczema, dryness, or…