While most Beauty fans will follow a religious Cleansing and Moisturising routine, for many that's where it ends. Serums and Face masks might get the odd look in, but Facials are usually firmly in the treat category.

According to holistic Skincare expert Antonia Burrell, this could be a big mistake. She has been in the industry for over two decades and is a practitioner as well as a lecturer at the London College of Fashion. Antonia is a natural Beauty pioneer who recommends Women should have a Facial a week if possible. Obviously that's not within budget for many, with Antonia suggesting a way around that is to go and visit a Facial expert rather than relying on department stores. While the people at big shops will have training, they will also be pushed into selling as much product as possible. Facial experts, on the other hand, will be able to get to the root of your problem and suggest a Skincare regime which is affordable and fits into your daily routine.

Antonia's range is the first 100 per cent natural Skincare line which addresses biological ageing. Among the items on offer are a Cleansing oil, polishing powder, Skin conditioner - a new type of toner - and Moisturiser. Whether you select those items or not, there is one thing Antonia is big on - double Cleansing. She believes this is a quick way to better your Skin, as it really ensures all make-up and grime is removed. Some professionals suggest using two different products, like a cream Cleanser and then an oil, for the process, but Antonia believes you can get the same result from using one Cleanser twice. And that's not the only way the Facialist differs from others.

"If you are stripping you Skin with Cleanser, at some point your Skin gives up," she told Cover Media. "Sensitivity is a Skin condition rather than a type."

By this Antonia means it's vital to select products which suit your Skin and to not go too hard on your Face. If you notice your Face is feeling sensitive, think about what you've been using. Have you changed your Skincare? Has the weather changed? Are you on medication? These are all Factors and can be addressed. Sensitivity is telling you something is wrong with your Skin and once you figure out what and fix the issue, things should improve.

She believes that, in general, someone's Skin type doesn't change - but "conditions are transient".
There are other Facial Facts Antonia has cleared up too. Chiefly, that they can cause outbreaks. Spots actually take two weeks to surFace, so Facials don't create them but they can act as a "catalyst" for them to appear. A good Facialist will know how to deal with this though and stop them popping up.

Another misconception is that dry and dehydrated Skin is one and the same. Not so - dry Skin feels tight, while dehydrated doesn't. To tell if your Skin is dehydrated, Antonia suggests squashing it together; if lines appear, you have the condition.


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